What We Believe

Artist: Janet Mckenzie

We are a progressive and justice-focused community in the Presbyterian Church (USA). You can read more about our denomination here. As Presbyterians, we are part of the Reformed Tradition, which emphasizes the grace and sovereignty of God.

We believe that theology is important. Words like “orthodoxy” and “dogma” can feel rigid and unwelcoming, but they refer to a heritage of faith that we find liberating. Having orthodoxy means that our conversations about theology can be playful and creative, instead of grimly trying to construct our knowledge of God from nothing.

We like to say that our tradition is “reformed, and always reforming.” That means we are always open to ways we are being called to rethink and reimagine who God is and how God is calling us to live in the world. Our ancestors didn’t have the full picture, and we don’t either. We hope you’ll join us in the ongoing reformation.


Here are a few key pieces of what we believe:

GOD. The Creator, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are all God. God is one, in three persons. We affirm the Apostolic Creed’s formulations about the nature and being of God.

GRACE. God leads with grace, so we do too. God loves us and wants to be in reconciled community with us. We cannot earn or deserve God’s love, it’s freely given to us. We believe that we are called to model this kind of radical and subversive love in our world. 

THE BIBLE. The Bible is a collection of ancient testimonies. It has a lot to teach us about who God is, what it means to be human, and how to live a good life. The Bible also teaches about our responsibility in the social, political, and economic landscapes we inhabit. We take the Bible to be authoritative, but we do not believe that it should be interpreted literally. It is a finger pointing us to God, not a substitute for God’s living Word.

JUSTICE. We believe Jesus calls us to be in solidarity with those who experience poverty, marginalization, dispossession, and oppression of every kind. Jesus has called his followers to stand against institutions, cultures, and industries that harm individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

INCLUSION. Everyone reflects the image of God. No exceptions. We welcome everyone to full and equal participation in the church, embracing peoples of all races, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, and genders.

Belief System by John Latham (1959) - Tate Museum