We are blessed to be able to host two thriving Community Gardens in Woodlawn.

Over 170 plots are available for residents of Woodlawn and surrounding zip codes. One of the issues residents of our neighborhood face is food scarcity. The gardens have been a valuable resource to South Side, providing opportunities for education, empowerment, and greater self-reliance in a chronically under-resourced region.

Food is not all that grows in these gardens. Since they were started in 1986, generations of gardeners have grown and sustained a vibrant community of South Side residents. They eat together, teach one another, and host events for the youth and children of our wider community.

Both of these gardens are peer-governed and organized by grassroots leadership.

65th & Woodlawn Community Garden

Located at the corner of 65th and S Woodlawn Ave, this is a cooperative garden with over 100 families or individuals with 10’x10′ plots. They garden organically and have compost bins that are open for neighbors to contribute to. There is a grill, a fire pit, and a common picnic area.


Kumunda Community Garden

Kumunda is located on S Kimbark Ave between 64th and 65th Sts. It is the size of two city lots, about a third of an acre in the sun. In Nyanja (the language of an ethnic group in Malawi and Zambia), Kumunda means “in the garden.” There is a fire pit with a gathering area and other delightful amenities.