One of our greatest resources is our space – the beautiful and abundant space in our church building, and the lots around the church which are open for use. In the past, we have shared space with a psychology clinic, a community organizing group, an organic cosmetics manufacturer, a Catholic Church, a neighborhood printing press, local schools, and many more. Our historic building has many unique rooms, and we are eager to fill them with nonprofit partners.

We share space for office use, storage, one-time events (such as concerts, funerals, repasts, weddings), and recurring events (such as community meetings and open mic nights).

A few qualifications for sharing our space: (1) ability to demonstrate that you or your organization are registered not-for-profits (2) ability to share the operational costs associated with your space use (3) ability to articulate how you or your organization are aligned with the church’s mission. We do not disqualify any person or organization on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other visible marker of identity. We particularly encourage artists, mutual aid, LGBTQ+ allied, women-led, and black-led individuals and organizations to contact us to discuss your space needs.

You can learn more and schedule a tour of our available spaces by contacting or fill out the form below.